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The 2019 Annual General Meeting of Estate plot owners is to be held on the evening of Wednesday 1st May in the Community Centre, 30 Makepeace Avenue.

Further details, agenda etc can be found HERE.



** The 2018 permits will expire on Sunday 21st April and you risk being ticketed from Monday 22nd April**

We are currently issuing the 2019 permits. If you have not done so already would you please confirm the reg nos of the vehicles for which you require a 2019 permit. We can only issue these if we already have the car on our system. If you require a permit for a new vehicle please complete an application form which can be found on the website or contact the office for one



A synopsis of the meeting held at St Anne's Church on 22nd January 2018 can be found HERE.


2018 ELECTRIC VEHICLE SURVEY RESULTS There was a 21% response rate to the survey. 

Electric Vehicles (EV)

The key findings were: 67% of respondents believe the HLEC should invest in EV charging points.

60% of respondents believe it is very important to have a charging point close to your home and 50% of respondents believe it’s very important to have an EV charging point on the estate rather than Highgate West Hill or Swains Lane (an additional 18% believe this is of some importance).  If there was an EV charging point on the estate, the percentage of people who already own, or expect to buy an EV in the next 5 years, increases from 43% to 54% (compared to the current arrangement).  47% of respondents said access to an EV charging point on the estate would make them more likely to buy an EV. 

Full results of the survey are available here.

The next step will be for the HLEC to seek planning permission for EV chargers.

Car Club

55% of respondents would like to see a car club on the estate. As a consequence, the committee contacted the two leading car clubs operating in London, Zipcar and DriveNow. 

Unfortunately, Zipcar required payments in excess of £20,000 plus VAT to keep a car on the Estate, which was felt excessive by the Committee.

DriveNow doesn’t keep cars in allocated spaces. Instead they operate a zone within which the 300 DriveNow BMW cars can be parked anywhere (including pay & display and residents bays).  However, the zone only covers Islington, Hackney, Haringey, Waltham Forest and a parking area at Stratford International, and they are not able to extend it to include HLE.  But DriveNow have offered all residents of the HLE a lifetime DriveNow membership (usually £29) and £10.00 driving credit for free. 



In 2016 the HLEC commissioned a report of Security on the Estate. Newsletters went out with a precis, and the full report can be found here.